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Arasan Soaps – Where Cleanliness counts…!

Arasan soaps, pioneers in detergent cake market in Tamilnadu, Kerela & Karnataka has its history traced back to 1970's. An excellent quality product from the Arasan Group of Companies, the Soap established a name in the detergents world in due course that no other product can attain.

Under the abled-direction from Shri.V. Arulsingh, the group founder and managing director, the company made a positive successful stride from the year 1979 till today. The founder is an in-born entrepreneur enabling the company reach the annual turn-over for 50 crore from the scratch within a short span of 25 years. He devoted his own time, money and energy to numerous worthy social and environmental-friendly projects.

The brand leadership was crowned over the "ARASAN" as a fruit for its USP of "No compromise in quality at any cost". In early 90's it reached the markets of Kerala and Karnataka under the same 'regional' name, and its basic USP.

Consistent quality management processes and methods are helping our detergent products reach the status of Global product. Global presence is given prior consideration in the near future. We pledge to continue to responsibly produce the fine environmental-friendly and quality soaps you have loved and washed with for more than 3 decades, while sharing our benefits with our workers and worthwhile causes.

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